Coming to Australia and studying can be quite challenging experience for many international students. As an agent, we can help you to be prepared for a new life in Australia. After our counseling you will be reassured that studying in Australia’s multicultural and safe society could be relaxing and extremely beneficial.
We will provide you information about Australian culture, laws and people. We would give you a comprehensive understanding of Australian Qualification Framework and the wide range of courses that are available in Australian Universities, Colleges and TAFEs, including ELICOS courses. We would assist you to choose course packages that are most suited to your objectives and long-term goals.
We will provide you full understanding how you can move from one level of studies to another without causing any stress while still achieving high results in the area of your interest.
Your awareness if the structure of the Australian VET Sector and the institutions that provide vocational training courses will make a huge difference in being able to pick the right course from the right institute. There are wide range of courses that are available in this sector such as Business and Management, Community Services and Health Care, Communication and Information Technology, Design and the arts, Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering and Building, Agriculture and Fisheries courses.
It will only be appropriate to know the entry requirements and costs involved for vocational courses and how these courses provide pathways to Higher Education. These courses provide a number of significant advantages to students to many job opportunities and higher earnings based on their improved qualification.
Higher Education sector enjoys a high international reputation. Australian universities are part of a clearly recognized international community of scholarship. All universities are established and recognized under government legislation. The important part about the courses provided by these universities is that they can vary considerably in form, entry point requirements, duration and method of assessment. The academic year is generally from early March to late November.
We provide counseling in the matters of ranking of universities and entry point requirements. We also advise on duration of different courses, costs involved over the entire period of the course. We like to help our clients by guiding them to choose appropriate courses which lead to jobs in high demands and which have good prospects for obtaining a permanent residency in Australia.
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