What services do you provide?
Atlantis Education & Migration deals with all migration matters for our clients including :
Skills Assessment
State/ Territory Sponsorships for Skilled and Business Visas
Education counseling for students who want to study in Australia
Lodging visa applications for temporary, provisional and permanent visas in the following areas:
Employer Sponsored Worker
Professional and Other Skilled Migrants
Business People
Special Activities
Doctors & Nurses
Regional Employments
We will monitor and follow up with DIAC, the progress of your application and we would keep you informed of any additional requirements by DIAC, and of any changes in policy that might affect your visa application favorably or otherwise. We will be with you at every step till your application is finally decided by DIAC.
How do I begin the process of obtaining a visa to Australia ?
We would like you to first complete the pre-application assessment form for the category of visa you wish to apply for, which is available on our website. Within 3 working days, we should be able to advise you about the chances of your visa application being successful. If your case has positive assessment and you are interested in registering with us, and you want us to follow up with your case, we will give you our service contract and detailed breakdown of our fees for various services. Should you want to pay in instalments, we may consider that option as well, which will be adequately included in the Service Contract before you sign with us.
How do you protect client privacy?
Atlantis Education & Migration is committed to maintain your confidentiality as required by the Code of Conduct from all registered migration agents. Being a MARA registered agent, Atlantis takes it with utmost seriousness that the information provided by you is kept safe and confidential and is used by us only for the purposes of assessing and processing your skills assessment, sponsorship and visa applications.
What are the steps in migrating to Australia (skilled immigration)?
There are 3 steps in the entire process of skilled migration.
Skill Assessment
You have to get your skills assessed by a relevant assessment agency in Australia, for the occupation you want to nominate in your visa application. This is essential because you cannot make a valid visa application without providing evidence of successful skills assessment with your visa application.

There are a number of assessment bodies in Australia for different occupations, and the time taken for the assessment depends on the assessment body. It can vary from one week to several weeks.
Application Lodgment
Once you have successful assessment of your skills, you can then lodge your visa application with DIAC along with other required documents. The time taken by DIAC can vary between 6 months to 8 months before they will inform you of the outcome of your application.
Police Check and Health Check
Upon being advised by DIAC, you will be required to undertake a health check and get a police clearance certificate from the prescribed authorities. On submission of the health check and police clearance certificate, you will be granted temporary/ provisional or permanent residence visa depending on the category of visa you have applied for. This visa will allow you to travel to, live and work in Australia for the duration your visa is valid.
How much it costs to migrate to Australia?
The approximate expenses are provided below, which cover the charges for the skills assessment body, Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and other related charges.
Skills Assessment Fees From $300 onwards (will depend on your occupation.)
DIAC Visa Application Fee (Skilled and Employer Sponsored) $2575 for permanent visas (approx)
IELTS (English Test) Aus $250 (approx)
Health (Medical/ X-ray) Examinations $100 onwards (depending on the country)
Police Clearance (Character Checks) $10 onwards (depending on the country)
Are the above estimate of expenses are for the main applicant or for the whole family?
The skills assessment charges are applicable only to the main applicant. However, if you want to claim the spouse points, you have to pay separate fee for his or her skills assessment. The visa application fee is only one charge for a single person or for the whole family, so long as the family members have been included on the same application form.

Our professional fee also is the same for a single person or for the whole family.
Do I have to show a certain amount in my bank account during visa processing? How much money should I take to Australia if I am granted a visa?
There is no minimum requirement prescribed by DIAC for skilled (independent or sponsored) or business visa ( long stay) visas but there are prescribed amounts to be shown in the bank accounts for student visas , business visas and certain others visas as prescribed by the Australian Immigration Law.

The new migrants do not get any social security payments for the first two years after migrating to Australia. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should take sufficient funds with you that may be required for you to survive till you find an employment.
Will you guarantee that my migration application will be approved?
We would not proceed with your application unless we are convinced that your application has good chances of being successful. We will present your application in the most professional and best way along with a submission covering all aspects of migration laws and regulations that are applicable to your case. However, we cannot give you any guarantee that your application will be approved by DIAC. Providing any such guarantee amounts to the breach of Code of Conduct by the registered migration agents.
What makes migrating to Australia so expensive?
The lifestyle and security, education, healthcare you and your family enjoys in Australia over the years will far outweigh the total expenses of the professional fee you pay to us and the application fee you pay to DIAC. Australian government spends a lot of time and money to ensure the quality of immigrants they get into the country. In return they provide you and your family a very high quality of life style, excellent healthcare and top class education programs, which are by far the best in the world.
Do you refund the professional fees in case my migration application is refused?
We charge our fees in installments and only when our client clears one stage, that we raise invoice for the second stage of the application process. For example, if your skill assessment or migration application is rejected, we will not charge you any further fee that was quoted at the time of signing the service contract. In this way, you will avoid incurring any further losses. To start with, we do not consider it ethical to advise our clients to apply if the chances of their application being approved are not very good.

Any fee paid to the skills assessment bodies or the Department of Immigration would not be refunded to you. If you need further information on this, we can send you our sample agreement so that you may be able to make an informed decision.
What happens if my qualifications and my work experience are in different areas?
If you are applying for skilled independent visa, and if your work experience is not in the same field as your qualification, you will not be able to claim 10 points for the point test. This means that you will not be able to secure full 10 points for work experience because your work experience is not in your nominated occupation. This will make it unlikely that you will reach the pass mark of 120 points, unless you are able to claim the spouse points.
When can I apply to be a citizen of Australia?
You can apply for citizenship when you have already accumulated a total of 4 years of residence in Australia. Australian Government always encourages people to apply for citizenship.
When is the right time to apply for a visa?
If you are over 45 years, you would not be eligible to migrate to Australia for most of the visa categories. So it is best to apply now, as the younger you are the more points you can claim for age. Also the immigration policies keep changing with time, and as the time goes by, it is becoming more difficult to migrate.
Should I use a Registered Migration Agent?
A registered migration agent is certified by an Australian Government Body called MARA (Migration Registration Authority). The body registers agents only when they have thorough knowledge of all aspects of Migration Act 1958 and Migration Regulations 1994 and 1998, PAM 3 etc. MARA also insists the registered agents to keep their knowledge up-to-date by attending Continued Professional Development seminars and maintaining the authorized knowledge database.

Therefore, we give expert and up-to-date professional advice and the application assisted by us has much higher chance of success with DIAC. To improve the chance of success of your application, we prepare a detailed legal submission that highlights the points in favour of your case, citing the relevant law, regulations and policies in support your application
How do I get my skill assessment done?
In addition to your immigration application, we provide professional advice on skill assessment applications. The skills assessment is essential and without a successful skill assessment, you cannot make a valid visa application. There are several skill assessment bodies in Australia which cater to different areas of occupations. You have to satisfy the criteria laid down by the assessment body in order to have successful outcome. Therefore, it is very important that you get appropriate guidance before filing these applications.
How do we get sponsorship from a state or territory?
Australian State / Territory Governments provide a range of skilled migration services to assist highly skilled and experienced people to migrate to Australia, which include State Sponsored Visas by participating States. We provide professional guidance about the various steps involved in skilled-sponsored visa nomination application process. We will help you in reading all the documents listed for the application, reviewing the checklist, making declaration and completing the skilled-sponsored nomination form, reviewing and submitting the application.
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