Our friendly team makes every effort so that the entire visa application process is smooth and effective. We empathize with our clients and believe in putting ourselves in their shoes. Thus, we are able to provide ethical and transparent counseling to our clients on all migration matters. Not only we are with our clients at every step of the visa application process until a decision is reached, but we also follow it up with mature and knowledge-based counseling about how to settle down in a new country.
  Our services include :
Researching the Migration Act, Migration Regulations and Policy manuals relevant to the case
Reviewing all documents and providing assessment
Providing all forms for skill assessment, sponsorship, and visa applications
Advising the client and preparing the relevant documentation
Preparation of detailed submission for visa application to lodge with DIAC
Preparation of lodgment of Sponsorship / Nomination Applications
Advising on the preparation, completion and lodging of all applications
Application monitoring, management and follow up
Preparing clients for interview with DIAC (if needed)
In order to make your initial settlement in Australia as pain-free as possible, we provide the following settlement assistance :
We provide information about the job market in Australia. Our advice can make it much easier to find your first employment.
We provide information about the real-estate market and about how to find accommodation. Our advice will make it much easier for you to decide in which suburb/area you may like to settle down.
We provide a pre-departure information session, preparing you for what can make your entry into and living in Australia hassle-free and enjoyable.
We provide information about how to apply for the Tax File Number.
We provide information on how to get a driver's license.
We will show you how to prepare resumes for the Australian job market.
We will also guide you about how to apply for a healthcare card.
If clients want, we can organize pick-up at the airport and arrange temporary accommodation through a third party at an extra charge.
We maintain a library of Australian newspapers, magazines, brochures and catalogues at our office, which are available to our clients for enhancing their knowledge about Australia.
We provide education counseling to students who want to study in Australia, whether in schools, higher education or vocational programs.
We provide detailed guidance to students regarding the Australian Qualification Framework, schools, colleges, TAFEs and universities, as well as the variety of courses available at different institutions.
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Migration Institute
of Australia
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